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We pride ourselves on precision service.

We are digital marketers, customer service agents, and loan officers, dedicated to providing you with the best experience in the area that your company needs assistance in. We will be there with you every step of the way, and our job is not done until you are delighted with the results!








We have numerous areas in which we can assist you. Feel free to select the department where we can help you below.


Small Biz Loans

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Personal Coaching

Interested in Working From Home?

We are currently hiring customer service professionals whom we outsource to well known Fortune 500 companies as contractors. We are looking to expand this into a larger department of the company in the future. 

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If you're interested please feel free to apply with your resume and a cover letter by responding to the email in the PDF! We are always looking for seasoned professionals! 



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Creating tangible opportunities for small and mid-sized businesses to be able to found, establish and grow themselves into the companies that they are capable of becoming with guidance and fellowship along the way.

Helping Pioneers

We love to hear from those who are looking to establish their businesses. We are always happy to hear big dreams and even happier to help fund them. When we were at our lowest and just starting out there was no one there to lend us a hand and we know how hard it is to become a pioneer in your community, dream, family, etc.

Lending a Hand 

We offer our services with consultations and advice along the way. Think of us as your Aunt Fanny or Uncle Greg, we just want what's best for you. We will always trail behind you and make sure the job is done efficiently and in a timely manner no matter what. When you look good, we look good and so we strive for your image.

Giving Guidance

Don't be afraid to ask us for advice. Although we may not be experts in your dreams, we definitely can see the bigger picture when you describe it. We will try to keep you on track and make sure you hit your mark no matter what. We all tend to stray off the trail sometimes, that's normal, that's why we make it our goal to keep you focused on what's important to you and your company goal.

Service with a Smile

We will always give you service with a smile. Our main goal at Menapoly is to get together and have a good laugh because without that life isn't worth living so we try to remind our clients that even though we work hard, we shouldn't forget to laugh and have a good time while achieving our goals. Smiling and sharing our time together is just as important and precious as the strides we make with one another.

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